Components of a Successful B2B Marketing Strategy

Are you a business that wants to market to other businesses? If so then you are in the right place! Business to business marketing is similar to business to consumer marketing. You can use the same digital strategies and channels to acquire new customers. But if you are targeting other businesses there are a few differences in the way you will be marketing. We are going to show you how to build and implement a B2B marketing strategy that actually works!


What is B2B Marketing?

If you didn’t know already B2B stands for business to business. It’s business that works directly with another business not with the general public. For example if you are a business looking to get digital marketing help and you come across an ad for LYFE Marketing. You contact us and we put together a digital marketing campaign for you. This is business to business. You then use the services that LYFE provides in order to attract your customers.

Just like B2C (business to consumer) marketing you need a B2B marketing strategy in place in order to grow your customer base and close sales!


Building a B2B Marketing Strategy

When building a B2B marketing strategy, start with your sales funnel. As a B2B company you may have several different sales funnels. Maybe you are targeting different industries and you have personalized your funnels to for each one. Whatever your sales funnel or funnels look like, it’s crucial to map out your sales cycle and how it relates to the buying journey of your customers.

Let’s say that the first step in your sales funnel is a blog. In this stage you are building brand awareness. A blog helps to answer your customers questions and builds trust with them. Blogging is often neglected by companies but this is an easy way to build a loyal following. During the buying process, your potential customers will have questions about your business. Show them that you are a reputable source through your blog and then continue producing excellent content that will engage your customers and lead them into the next part of the funnel. Once you establish trust you will be able to generate leads.

With every B2B marketing strategy your priority should be lead generation. B2B lead generation means obtaining those customers who might be interested in learning more. This is the most important component of a B2B marketing strategy. Leads don’t begin as leads. They start off as complete strangers. You will attract them until they become visitors and then convert them to leads!

Once you obtain these leads you will convert them through your sales funnel and eventually they will become customers and then advocates for your brand. There are a lot of steps you must take before your customers become promoters for your brand so let’s start with your sales funnel. As a B2B company your sales funnel is probably more complex than that of a B2C company. There’s a lot that goes into the buying decision.

Think about it like this. The decision to purchase a T-shirt is relatively [...]

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