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African Directory Services is an advertising agency and publisher specialising in print and online media and marketing.
We offer instant networking platforms for Government Institutions, NPOs, Associations, businesses, SMMEs, and the entire public.
Over the 20-year period we have been in business we have expanded our product range from local print directories to web engine marketing and mobile advertising solutions etc.
We insure our clients are able to reach the public and/or selective niche sectors either locally, nationally, regionally, or globally.
Vision: Our vision is to become the leading multimedia publishing house in Africa.
Mission: Our mission is to provide quality, reliable and affordable advertising solutions that bring success for all of our customers and their customers.
•  Integrity
•  Creativity
•  Exceptional customer service
•  Consistency
•  Resourcefulness

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Client Reviews

Bain’s House
Emailed 22 August 2018
Direct mail from Bain’s House
“Excellent service and great value for money.”
Bay Pools
Emailed 07 July 2018
 Direct mail from Bay Pools
"The level of service was excellent.
I would definitely recommend your services to potential clients."
Lee V
Published 3 Aug 2017, 8:18
Hello Peter
"Amazing service and good value for money"
Vally Reigh
11 September 2017
Google reviews
5-star rating